Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Epilogue: Susie's take on Song-Cycling

I can only speak for myself here, but there is no denying that Song-Cycling has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I never dreamt that what merely started as a quirky concept could become such a hugely successful project. The fact that we've raised £23,000 for two wonderful charities, with money still pouring in, and cycled nearly 800 miles across the most beautiful landscapes of my Motherland, performing beautiful music to people of all ages and from all walks of life, instils in me the deepest thrill and personal reward.

Charity work of this sort feeds and nourishes the heart and soul in the most deep and meaningful way. It has made me all the more hungry to Song-Cycle my way along other roads in other villages, towns, cities, counties and countries, across mountains, meadows, pastures and bridges, through valleys, crevises and tunnels, and all the time meeting new people to love and cherish...

Dear Alice, for now it maybe that 'Ye'll take the high road, and I'll take the low road', but I've no doubt we'll meet again on Song Cycling II, whether it takes us to Loch Lomond or not... What do you think?

And for my dear friend Becky: Bex, I wore the pendant you gave me of St Christopher from the first pedal to the last and I carried you in my heart all the way. Together, at least we can endeavour to fight this horrible disease of Multiple Sclerosis. I love you, Bex.

To finish, the sentiment behind the pendant of St Christopher:

'In your long life ahead, you'll travel many roads and watch the sun rise and set in many countries. Wear this St Christopher pendant to protect you on all these journeys and remind you that there's a wonderful world out there, ready for exploring. Happy travels.'


  1. Heartfelt congratulations to you both for accomplishing so much - not just the cycling, the music and the money raised, but also the fact that you've brought communities together, and you've shown us all what can be achieved with the right cocktail of craziness, determination, and love. I feel truly humbled and privileged to have worked with you along the way.

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  3. As a humble B-o-a-S (usually in concert halls rather than on a bicycle) who was lucky enough to have enjoyed your Notting Hill preview last month (yes, it really was only last month!), I must say how enormously impressed and overwhelmed I've been by your gutsy determination, your delightful high spirits and, of course, on top of all that, your brilliant musicianship. As you've been cycling, singing and blogging your way frram Zummerzet tae the Hielands, I've been laughing, crying and holding my breath through tales of bum pianos, bumpy roads, bum cracks (Day 3 for anyone who missed it!) and nipples (Day 12), and now I'm just so happy for both of you that it's finally over... at least until SC2: The Return of the Pedalling Prima Donnas!

    And I would have liked to have left my thoughts at that point, but today has brought the sad news of the death, his career having prematurely ended with the onset of Alzheimer's, of tenor Anthony Rolfe Johnson. His distinctively sweet voice will live on in many recordings, and the voices of many people in the future will be raised in thanks to you for having undertaken your extraordinary adventure in order to hasten the day when no one need suffer the effects of either of those two cruelly debilitating diseases so close to your two incredibly big hearts.

    DH (though better known to many simply as above)

  4. Dear Alice and Susie,

    Well done for getting there, and for hitting your target! Come and see us again in Northumberland - you're always welcome!


  5. Thanks Alice, David, Ewan for your comments. You lot contributed so much in incredibly different ways and what an interesting juxtaposition - Alice for your beautiful singing in Churchill, David for your encouragement and consistent loyalty to young perfomers following their careers, and Ewan for lifting our spirits and helping to get us through a tough day's bike ride. We'll be in touch xx