Saturday, 17 July 2010

Day 18 = S&M

I have only a string of random thoughts for today's 42 miles.

The first is the surprise at vaguely sado-masochistic pleasure I seem to get from cycling through strong wind and torrential rain. Susie and I have those cute little waterproof over-shoes which keep our feet nice and dry and this is quite satisfying. A sort of mini triumph of good over evil elements.

Mum's words from a few days ago also fuelled me with plenty of giggles to keep battling through the elements. We had (all 4 of us) stopped on a B road that ran alongside the A7 on the way to Edinburgh and had a little lie down in a sheep field. As we were setting off to go mum was ferreting around in the boot for I don't know what and popped her head out to cheerily suggest we take some porridge with us for the rest of the day's mileage. Now, Susie & I simply couldn't work out where we'd get the hot milk or water from to make this a worthwhile endeavour. Ah mama. I love you. I'm sure you'll explain it to us one day.

My nice red concert dress I discovered only a few glasses of wine after the concert last night has a gaping seam over my bum. Maybe that's the real reason why people wanted a few more turns and encores! Must get that repaired. Mused on the road today over whether or not those handy self-adhesive puncture repair patches might do the job in time for tomorrow's concert in Fort William.

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  1. Oh, by the way, Alice, my wee sockies were soaking by the time we arrived at the Bunkhouse -still, the fact my over-shoes display the words 'Pro: Aero-foil' indicates to me that whether they keep my tootsies dry or not, I definitely look the part on the road...